LaBelle Winery Wedding

Quonquont Farm Styled Wedding

Floral design + creative coordinator: Twig & Briar
Faux fur shawls: Sissily Designs
Invitations: Noted Occasions
Calligraphy: Earnest Bee Calligraphy
Jewelry: Rebekah Brooks Jewelry
Dresses: In White
Beauty: The Beauty Studio
Sofa: Simply Vintage Rentals
Cake: Cake Crusader
Models: Olivia CiarfellaApollonia Nunez                                      Venue: Quonquont Farm                                                        Photography, props + styling: Valley of Wonder

Share the Wonder: Wedding Day Details

Camera Body: Nikon D700  Lens: Nikon AF-S Micro-NIKKOR 60mm f/2.8G  Settings: 1/60, f4.5, ISO 200

Camera Body: Nikon D700

Lens: Nikon AF-S Micro-NIKKOR 60mm f/2.8G

Settings: 1/60, f4.5, ISO 200

adding texture + layers to the details

We are breaking down the steps to how we add texture and layers to our wedding day details. Some of our go to props are: ribbons, ring boxes, flowers, stamps and silver trays. Here are three fool proof tips.

1... Choose your accessories. Prior to the wedding day we contact the florist and request to have any spare blooms that didn’t make it into the arrangements so that we can add some freshness to the scene. Also, before the wedding day we discuss, in detail, the color scheme with the bride or coordinator. In addition to the bride's own accessories we bring a few extra props and we always bring a coordinated background for styling. 

2...Choose your light. This photo was taken by a glass door in a dark barn. We chose not to use a reflector because we are loving these shadows but if you are looking for less contrast in light then keep your reflector handy. Also, if possible, turn off any lights that are bound to throw off your white balance. 

3...Choose your lens and settings. When shooting flat we tend to keep our f-stop around f4 so that we can keep a stronger level sharpness. There isn’t much room for soft depth of field on a flat surface and this allows a wider range of focus. We suggest using manual focus for shooting small (especially diamonds). 

Bellow are a few more examples on how you can easily switch out props and accessories quickly while keeping your background and light the same. We sure hope you enjoy these styling tips! Follow the wonder on Insta to keep up with future tips and inspiration. 

Florist Twig & Briar | Calligrapher Earnest Bee | Invitations Noted Occasions | Jewelry Rebecca Brooks Jewelry | Shoes: I am Florence, Anges Oxfords